Wilson Introduces “Gen Green” Collection

Wilson Gen Green
Photo courtesy of Wilson

Wilson announces its “Gen Green” collection, a collection of basketballs, footballs, volleyballs and soccer balls all made from more sustainable materials.

The collection features sustainable products while not comprising performance or quality. Wilson is committed to moving sport forward, transforming design and utilizing preferred materials to help the environment and support communities. As a brand, Wilson will tackle emission and waste, ensure its products stay in play, and defend its “home field” – planet Earth.

“At Wilson we are always thinking with an innovation-first mindset, and Gen Green is a perfect example of that,” says Kevin Murphy, Global General Manager for Wilson Team Sports. “We will continue to prioritize using even more sustainable materials in our product lines, to have a positive influence on our athletes and less impact on the environment.”

There are six different balls within the Gen Green collection:

The Gen Green Collection utilizes repurposed plastic, recycled rubber and biobased sugarcane throughout the collection. The biobased I’m green™ material, developed by Braskem®, is made from sugarcane through ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA); this material has never been used in sports equipment before. The EVA in the Gen Green collection generates two times less CO2 emissions than conventional EVA*. Additionally, select Gen Green products are comprised of the equivalent of at least 2.75 repurposed plastic water bottles.

The Gen Green collection is available now on Wilson.com.

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