Most Popular American Sports to Bet On

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Gambling has always been a pastime for a lot of people interested in sports. Whether a serious bettor or someone hoping to make the game more exciting by having a flutter, when money is on the line it always seems to add more tension into the mix. A vast array of casino games like poker and baccarat online and, of course, sports are now available to punters every day, and simply joining any online betting site makes access to all of these a whole lot easier. Gone are the days of rushing to your local bookmaker to get your bets on.

Creating an online account gives you the opportunity to play these games whenever you like, wherever you like. Phones and tablets, as well as providing the option to play games such as poker, blackjack, or baccarat, for example, can be used to check information and statistics from sports all over the world. There are now various tipping sites on the web that claim to be able to put you on your way to riches if you follow them. Interest in American sports has always been high, but which are the ones that tempt people the most to part with their hard-earned cash?


Michael Jordan, one of the sport’s biggest ever stars, famously liked to gamble on pretty much anything. Glamorous stars are often seen courtside at these high-profile games. Jerseys are sold with stars’ names printed on the back at costly prices. NBA stars can also be quite famous themselves and public interest in them can reach fever pitch levels. The coverage of these stars only makes the people more aware of them and keen to have a bet. Inter-team rivalry and battles between the top players can entertain the punters to no end.

Game money lines and point spreads provide the main focus of bettors’ attention within this sport. Games take place every few days offering quite a few avenues to have a wager. It is a very fast-paced sport, in which the team who is leading can change hands regularly. Shots that beat the clock timer to win the game are known to cause elation or despair in betting circles. Aside from betting on who will win the NBA Championship outright, many people like to try and pick who will be chosen as the season’s MVP( Most Valuable Player).


Probably not seen as enthralling a sport like the NBA, the NFL still accounts for a huge amount of money being gambled every year. In fact, the NFL Super Bowl is such a popular event, millions tune in from all over the globe to watch the show. Nearly becoming as popular as the game itself, the halftime show has become legendary with many famous musicians taking part over the years. So as well as the game to bet on, there can be novelty bets to get involved in, such as which song will be performed first. Never a dull moment on the gambling front!

In the NFL, there’s no one more famous in recent times than Tom Brady, a seasoned campaigner, still competing at the highest level at the age of 43. Winning the Super Bowl seven times and picking up the MVP on five of those occasions, people are surprised he can keep going. Experienced gamblers know his skills can inspire and bring out the best in other players. His current team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, were massive underdogs in this year’s Super Bowl against the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. Yet, with a superstar in their midst, they defied all predictions to win.


Probably seen as the least global of the American sports, it has a big following in The U.S. yet has never managed to reach the same level of fame, appeal, or coverage as its national counterparts have worldwide. Many large cities have famous baseball teams that are very well supported. It is a matter of pride for these people and the games are usually noisy, raucous affairs. Baseball teams usually have mascots to keep the crowd entertained which keeps the atmosphere fun.

Money lines and run lines are the most popular bets in baseball, with the run line offering a handicap against the number of runs achieved to make the game more interesting. Offers like early payout on bets, which can happen for example if the team you have backed pre-match goes five runs ahead can help to get new customers in the door for online casino sites. This is another sport where gamblers revel in picking the underdog at big odds.


Although all these other sports have been established for quite some time, the UFC is a more recent phenomenon. Encompassing a variety of fighting styles, the number of fans watching and betting on these events has grown massively. Starting with humble beginnings in 1993, some stars in this sport nowadays are household names. Mandatory title fights and pay-per-view events, which sometimes take place in Las Vegas, keep interest high.

Bettors are fans of this sport because anything can happen. Underdog wins can come from a quick salvo of punches or unbreakable holds. Fights have been known to end in seconds or can be drawn out in cagey affairs. Odds are offered in the method of victory and the result is not clear, it can come down to the judges. In-play betting odds can be fascinating here, as the tide may swing from one fighter to another.


While traditionally most gambling seems to revolve around the sports of football and horse racing, betting on American sports has got more and more popular. Flagship events like the Super Bowl and the World Series of baseball attract huge amounts of money wagered in the quest to beat the bookies. Just by placing a bet in an online casino, you can watch the games and hopefully make a healthy profit.

Stars like Conor McGregor and Michael Jordan make viewing their respective sports a thrill. They could also make your betting life easier as they are renowned winners. Although McGregor hasn’t had the best of times lately, who would gamble against him reviving his career in his next fight. This is the appeal of betting to the masses, trying to predict the unknown. The increase of interest in American sports continues unabated.

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