Billionaire Boys Club Launches HEART&MIND.TV Web Series

BBC Heart & Mind Capsule

Pharrell Williams’ brand, Billionaire Boys Club, announces the launch of its new web series, HEART&MIND.TV.

The series will highlight creative individuals that embody the longstanding BBC ethos and mantra that “Wealth is of the heart and mind. Not the pocket.”

Along with select episodes, special capsule collections will be released that coincide with and are inspired by highlighted episodes.

The Billionaire Boys Club mantra has been the guiding principle for the brand since its inception in 2003. 18 years since Pharrell Williams and NIGO conceptualized the creative fashion zeitgeist of American and Japanese pop culture, the brand has continuously influenced style and fashion, as well as music and culture around the world. Billionaire Boys Club has not only been a brand of influence, but the creative community has also played an integral role in BBC. From musicians and athletes, to visual artists and designers, and every creative person in between – they have all been an inspiration, as well as fuel for what the brand does and who the brand is.

For the first time, Billionaire Boys Club is proud to present Heart&Mind.TV — a series that will highlight creative individuals that exemplify the Heart and Mind ideology. Viewers will be given a behind the scenes look at some of the most talented creatives who have taken their passions to the next level. The first episode will feature Atlanta, Georgia based portrait photographer Gunner Stahl. Viewers will get to hear about Gunner’s journey, how he began taking photos for fun, which brought him up close and personal with the likes of Drake, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and more – as well as a peek at the photoshoot with Mariah the Scientist.

BBC Heart & Mind Capsule

In addition to the series, Billionaire Boys Club will be releasing Heart & Mind Capsule Collections, to coincide with select special episodes. The first capsule collection releasing alongside the first episode and features a T-Shirt ($55 each), Mesh Shorts ($110 each), and Socks ($25 each) – all offered in two colorways, blue and black. The first capsule collection will also introduce the first series of Heart & Mind graphics, which can be seen throughout the first Heart&Mind.TV episode on Gunner Stahl and Mariah the Scientist.

The first Heart & Mind Capsule collection is available now online at, as well as BBC U.S. Stores in New York City and Miami.

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