Using Technology to Ensure You’re Ready for Getting a Tattoo

Photo by Khoa Võ from Pexels

Making the decision to get a tattoo is by no means a small decision. You are committing to having a beautiful, and in some cases questionable, design put on your body so you want to make sure that you are most definitely sure. The use of technology, particularly augmented reality and virtual reality can be used as a way to almost pre approve a tattoo without even setting foot in a tattoo parlor. 

Statistics have shown that more than 30 percent of Americans have at least one tattoo and that less than 40 percent of people would rule out tattoos completely. Although many people chose to get their first tattoo in their twenties, it can often lead to getting more tattoos and body modification procedures. 

Tattoo stats
(Image Source: Statista)

Tattoos and Technology 

It is no secret that the body modification industry can do amazing things to the exterior of a body. From permanent ink tattoos to using piercings to mirror a desired aesthetic, the industry isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. The use of filters and apps can now allow a person to gauge how they will look if they decide to commit to a look, even with something as simple as changing hair colour, or seeing what you would look like if you decided to shave all your hair off!

The world of augmented reality is so adaptable that even in the cosmetic world, it can allow you to see what you may not have been able to imagine on yourself. One of the best ways to imagine how tattoos in particular will look on you is through augmented reality. You will be able to see a design on any part of your body, virtually. 

One of the most popular applications to use on your phone or ipad is INKHUNTER. This app can be accessible for both android and apple users alike. Inkhunter allows you to access an array of designs to project onto yourself by using the camera. Not only can it show what the tattoos will look like, but can also aid the feeling and emotions you want following your commitment to getting a tattoo. By highlighting the more animated side of your tattoo, it can help you remember why you want it and what you want the design to encapsulate. For example, if you want a dragon blowing fire on your shoulder, augmented reality can animate the fire on you to capture your imagination and provide an exciting dimension to your decision to get a tattoo. 

As technological advances and application hardware are in development, the use of tattoo apps can be used alongside those as well. For instance, not very far into the future, a simple pair of glasses may be used alongside augmented reality to allow you to see the tattoo on yourself or someone else as you would see it in real life. The adaptation of the apps and the types of devices that can use them means that you can literally have a day with a tattoo before you commit to having it inked on your body, and no one has to know. It can create an intimate experience between you and you soon to be tattoo design. 

Tattoos and Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality can help you visualize what a tattoo will look like on your body before you get it, but what about if you already have one? In 2015 Australian comic creator Sutu experimented with combining his designs with digital media and not just on paper.

Collaborating with an expert augmented reality team, using augmented reality to make his comic designs become more animated worked on his skin too. With the use of sound and light, you can use an augmented reality application to create a story behind your tattoo. This would not only further the personalisation of your tattoos, but can allow your tattoos to be present in an array of situations without you having to commit to the inked surroundings for your design. 

Just as the digital age is advancing and growing, it seems that the tattoo world is ready for the ride and is the perfect space for creatives.

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