IPD International: New Brand For Surfers By Surfers

IPD International

Surfing brand IPD International recently launched its debut line of men’s apparel. If you’re not familiar, it’s a brand for surfers by surfers.

The brand’s iconic logo was crafted by Bob Hurley in 1980 and originally used on surfboards to stand for progression, inclusion and as a stamp of approval by the community. Today, it is being viewed through a new, modern lens. IPD looks to reignite surf culture, one wave at a time. Carrying authentic and core values, it wants to deliver this message as a brand by surfers for surfers available exclusively in core, endemic surf shops worldwide.

Founded by an experienced and diverse group of industry veterans led by Bill Hurley and Mark Simpson, the IPD team consists of life-long surfers and like-minded individuals longing for something authentic and with deep ties to surfing. The team envisions speaking to surfing as a community rooted in surf shop culture and appealing to surfers of all ages.

IPD was originally founded by Bob Hurley in 1980. It is now led by a group of family and close friends who intend to carry on and build upon Bob’s original vision when he started the brand.

“IPD feels like it’s the right idea at the right time… the right group of people doing good things for the right reasons… 100 percent designed for surf shops,” said Bob Hurley.

With surfing set to make its debut in the Tokyo Olympics this summer, it was the perfect time.

“There are more than 1,000 surf shops in North America alone and for many surfers, they remain the hallowed grounds of the sport,” said Mark Simpson, co-founder, IPD International. “Surf shops act as the cornerstone in the foundation of the local surf community. They birth generations of surfers over time in the community, and nearly every surfer has a shop they can call home, and many connections and long-lasting friendships are started around those floors.”

IPD International

IPD will specialize in surf lifestyle apparel, including everything from boardshorts to t-shirts to hats to wetsuits and everything in between. On top of being sold in core, endemic surf shops worldwide, IPD has also established partnerships in Japan with H. L. N. A Inc. as well as in Peru, Costa Rica, Israel, and with a close friend in Indonesia.

IPD International’s debut line is available now at your local surf shop or online at IPDSurf.com.

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