SPY+ Embraces Bold Design From the Past With the Monolith Collection

SPY+ Monolith

SPY+ officially unveils a new style they called the Monolith, one that embodies audacious style and proven performance in a way only SPY+ can offer.

With a nod to performance, the Monolith collection (comprised of the full-frame Monolith and the semi-Rimless Monolith 50/50) represents a return to bolder designs that first put SPY+ on the map 20+ years ago. While mono-lens / shield-style sunglasses have been becoming on-trend, the Monolith collection is unique.

SPY+ Monolith

The Monolith collection is meant to be the sunglass we can rally around as the world comes back this summer. The design is inspired by the early days of SPY+ when the brand’s fearless designs took the eyewear world by storm. The Monolith is designed to stand out and hold up to whatever this summer has in store for us.

The Monolith collection infuses a mono lens design with the combination of style and tech that has been a part of the SPY+ DNA for more than 20 years.

Additionally, the SPY+ Monolith boasts a 5-base cylindrical lens, a first for SPY+. It crystal-clear, distortion-free optics without the typical fishbowl look of a spherical lens. There’s also scoop ventilation, which helps keep you cool and the lens fog-free. There’s also SPY’s proprietary Happy Lens technology allows long-wave blue light to pass through the lens, which studies have shown can boost mood and alertness. There’s vented and grooved rubber nose pads provide extra grip when you need it, and oleophobic and hydrophobic lens coatings help keep them smudge-free.

The SPY+ Monolith comes in a broad selection of matte colors, including black, white, neon pink, neon yellow, and teal, all with the premium SPY+ reflective Spectra lens. They are available June 9th at SpyOptic.com.

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