“The Crossover: The NBA” Arrives in Fortnite

The Crossover: The NBA

As the State Farm NBA Play-In Tournament is underway, the NBA has officially joined Fortnite for the first time, marking one of Fortnite’s largest sports partnerships ever.

Starting May 21, players can suit up and rep any of the league’s 30 teams.

There’s also:

NBA Team Battles: A five-day in game competition featuring all 30 NBA teams will kick off starting May 19 and run through May 23. Anyone from the millions of players who sign into Fortnite each day can support their favorite team in the competition to help crown a winning team inside the game.
Player ‘Locker Bundles’: Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell and Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young are sharing their personal favorite items to ‘wear’ when they play Fortnite. These hand selected bundles will be available for players to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop next week.

NBA Welcome Hub: Starting May 25, players can head to ‘Creative Mode’ in Fortnite to check out the NBA Welcome Hub for more awesome NBA related experiences and content.

The State Farm NBA Play-In Tournament continues tonight on ESPN with the Memphis Grizzlies hosting the San Antonio Spurs (7:30pm ET), followed by the Los Angeles Lakers hosting the Golden State Warriors (10:00pm ET). Visit NBA.com for more information on the tournament, scores and schedules.

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