MULCH Debuts Spring ’21 “Pretrend” Collection

Mulch California

MULCH, an independent fashion house focused on quality and sustainability, has released their brand new “PRETREND collection” for spring 2021.

Inspired by driving the consumer to be conscious of garments when shopping, the PRETREND capsule aims to fit into anyone’s wardrobe rotation and stand the test of time.

“My thoughts on fashion have changed so much over the years. Who is making my garment? Where it’s been made and how it’s been made is all I care about,” stated Philippe Zarif, co-founder of MULCH. “It’s not catching the next trend or buying the coolest piece on the market that next month year you can’t wear. Pretrend is a capsule collection that is a mixture of ready to wear and made to measure pieces, limiting waste and using our local supply chain.”

“I’ve known Mehr and Phil my whole life,” added NBA star Klay Thompson. “They are real passionate about their work and you can see it translate to the product. They are long lasting, sustainable for life and aesthetically pleasing. Mulch has always been for me… I’m a Mulcher!”

“What stands out about MULCH is their commitment to making timeless pieces,” stated Reilly Opelka, Professional Tennis Player. “To me, that’s what makes them the most sustainable brand out there.”

“I have been rocking with Mulch from the day it started,” noted pro skater Ryan Sheckler. “The message of a sustainable, reusable, and earth friendly product has always spoken to me! I love to support great brands and incredible humans. I am excited for the future of the brand!”

The “Pretrend” capsule is now available while supplies last:

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