Adidas Introduces Concept Stan Smith Shoe Made of Mushrooms

Stan Smith Mylo

Adidas has announced its latest concept shoe: the Stan Smith Mylo. The sneaker is crafted with a natural, mushroom-based material called Mycelium, part of adidasā€™ journey to create a more sustainable world.

Mylo material is versatile and can take on any color, finish or emboss – but for this first silhouette, the brand chose the simple and classic Stan Smith. Tapping into this iconic franchise will allow adidas to scale the rollout of Mylo faster, creating a more immediate impact for the environment — with a commercially available product expected in the near future.

This is the most recent project in adidasā€™ mission to END PLASTIC WASTE, accelerating its vision of a fully circular future where adidas products can ultimately return to nature ā€“ moving away from the use of finite, fossil fuel-based resources that deplete the planet.

Stan Smith Mylo

It’s unclear if or when the Stan Smith Mylo will drop, but its interesting to see the new approaches the brand is taking on sustainable materials. For more info, visit

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