7 Caring Tips for Your Designer Watch

Photo by Mister Mister from Pexels

Accessorizing for women is not something new. It has and will always be there. Women can accessorize using various types of accessories including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, nose rings, brooches, watches, and so much more. All these accessories are beneficial and are majorly used to enhance one’s look.

One main accessory that modern women like to adorn is a watch. However, it is not enough to say that you have a watch. The designer watches for women are what complete a look. They make you look classy, attractive, and worth emulating. Designer watches are expensive and takes great sacrifice to own one. Hence, their expensive nature calls for the owners to be extra careful with how they handle them.

Designer watches are classy but must be properly taken care of if you are to realize their benefits. The following comprises the numerous steps you can take to ensure that your designer watch maintains its classy and expensive look.    

Regular Cleaning Plus Servicing

Your watch will attract dirt as you wear it daily. The dirt could range from body oils to dust. Hence, it is advisable that you clean your designer watch more often times than not so as to avoid the accumulation of dirt. You can opt for a soft clean cloth to wipe the watch. The best thing to do would be to abide by the cleaning guide issued by your watch seller so that you do not cause damage to the watch even as you try to maintain its sheen or gloss.

Also, there is a need to ensure that you take your watch to your jeweler for service in a span of two to three years. This ensures that anything that requires changing or upgrading is discovered early in time before great damage ensues.                                                           

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

As you adorn your designer watch, you must be aware of the environmental factors that are likely to cause damage to the watch. For instance, sunlight can cause damage to your watch over time. The sun’s rays are very corrosive and can cause the designer watch to fade. Also, sunlight is very strong and can damage your designer’s battery if you expose it to direct sunlight.

Hence, ensure that you minimize exposure to sunlight as this will ensure that you increase your watch’s lifespan and maintains it at its new and glossy state forever.

Resist Magnets

Avoid placing your designer watches close to magnets. Magnetism negatively impacts the timekeeping of your watch making it unreliable. Hence, keep your watch away from any magnet.

Avoid Opening the Watch by Yourself

It may get to a point where your watch malfunctions. At such a time, it is not recommended to open the watch yourself to try and check what the problem is. That is because you may end up causing more damage and lose very vital parts of the watch’s system. Hence, it is wise to take your designer watch and have it checked out by a professional.

Avoid Chemical Contacts

Some chemicals are very corrosive. For instance, cleaning supplies, perfumes, oils plus cologne are very corrosive. Hence, bringing your designer watch into contact with such chemicals can result in serious corrosion of the watch.

Moreover, chemicals such as perfumes can weaken the leather bands and cause them to wear and tear. Thus, it is advisable that you allow the perfumes and colognes to first settle or dry up before wearing the watch, to avoid the watch coming into contact with them.

Also, while cleaning your watch, ensure that you avoid powerful cleansers, but instead maintain simpler cleansers to clean your watch.

Always Read Through the Watch’s Manual

The watch’s manual is a great source of information as to how to operate the watch, maintain and store it. Thus, ensure that you read through the manual before wearing the watch to ensure that you abide by every piece of advice.


Designer watches can match every outfit. They are somewhat expensive, which explains why they need to be cared for the right way. By abiding by the above rules, you can be assured of glossy, long-lasting designer watches.