REEF Launches New Flip Flop Socks

REEF Flip Socks collection

Throughout the years, there’s been some unforgettable “functional” fashion statements. Chunky “dad” sneakers to neon-colored fanny packs or the infamous sock and sandal combo. Reef adds to this with their new Flip Flop Socks!

Often known as a staple for lazy college students or your dad who is running out in his robe to get the mail – socks and sandals offer convenience, but don’t always deliver on comfort. REEF stepped in to solve this fashion crisis.

The new Flip Flop Socks collection features Twin Fin Toe Technology! Designed for the perfect flip flop fit and comfiest materials after months of internal wear testing. But, what makes them so special?

The Twin Fin Toe Technology is a split toe sock design featuring a nylon blend knitted toe section for a better fit. It is engineered to ensure the perfect amount of space for the toe post while adding protective cushioning for your toes, making it the ideal sock for your favorite REEF sandals.

Sustainability also uses lyocell and modal materials to make socks ultra-soft and gives them a smooth sheen.

REEF Flip Socks collection

The new REEF Flip Flop Socks collection features 4 premiere styles that come in one solid colorway or with vintage high double stripes. Additionally, REEF teamed up with sock brand BooSocki for 2 exclusive Flip Flop Sock designs perfect for the holidays.

The new REEF Flip Socks collection and REEF x BooSocki Flip Flop Socks are available now on, from $16 to $18.

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