Tips for Looking After Your Bike

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Do you love cycling and going off-road? Have you heard that it is good for your health and want to start cycling everywhere? Having a bike is a lot of fun and it offers you freedom too. But there is some maintenance that is involved when you purchase one. Being aware of it now can make sure you get the most out of your bike. Let’sā€™ take a look at some maintenance tips.

Always Check the Tires

One thing to always make sure you check on your bike is the tires. You want to make sure they are always pumped up with air and ready to go. Riding on a flat can be dangerous. The last thing you need is to have to do this when you are running late or are looking forward to an outdoor adventure. So, make a point of doing it regularly in your downtime so that it is not a hassle.

In addition, check the tread of your bike tires too. If it is getting worn down, it is best to replace them. Tread can help keep you safe on wet and dangerous roads and tracks. You need it for every journey. Keep a close eye on it to ensure your safety.

Learn to Fix a Puncture

If you cycle a lot, you already know what it is like to get a puncture. You are going to be out of action until you can get your bike fixed. But the truth is, punctures happen a lot and you can save yourself a lot of money and time by learning how to fix them yourself. There are some ways that you can do it without it being complicated. Sure, you can take your bike to a shop and they will fix it for you. But if this happens a lot, this can be expensive and waste a lot of time.

Oil the Chain

An essential part of bike maintenance is oiling the chain. This is a part of your bike that works hard every time you ride. Giving it enough oil is going to ensure that it can move easily and smoothly. This allows the chain to stay strong and last for longer without being worn down by hard mechanics. It can also prevent rusting, which would lead to you needing a new chain. Therefore, make sure that you purchase some oil from a local bike shop. It is estimated that you should oil the chain after every 100 miles or after you wash down your bike.

Consider Bike Theft Insurance

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that want to steal bikes. In particular, if you have an expensive one, you are at risk. Of course, you want to have the right storage for your bike. Preferably, this is in a garage or bike shed. But it is also best to have bike theft insurance. This is going to ensure you are covered in the event that it is stolen. Therefore, choose to have this on your insurance to enjoy peace of mind.

Check Your Brakes

One of the most important parts of your bike is the brakes. You need to make sure that you check the brakes on a regular basis to ensure no accidents happen when you are out exploring. You can easily check the front one by pushing your bike forward and applying the brake. Of course, if your bike stops when you press the lever, everything is good and you are ready to go. You can do the same process for testing the back one. Again, if the bike comes to a stop, your brakes are safe for riding.

If there is a problem, make sure that you take your bike to a mechanic as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to have an accident. As an expert, they are going to be able to fix the problem and repair your bike in no time.

Clean Your Bike Regularly

If you like to take your bike onto trails and on an adventure, you need to clean your bike often. When you are traveling off the beaten track, you are going to kick up everything from dust and dirt to muddy puddles. Of course, everybody wants their bike to look good and shine in the sun. But cleaning it more than just for aesthetics. Grit and dirt can actually damage your bike over time. That is why it is best to clean it regularly. A brush set is going to be good for getting into all of the difficult parts. You can get in between all the links and chains. This is going to extend the life of your bike.

Keep it Moving

During the winter months, we are all guilty of storing our bikes in the garage and forgetting about them. But this allows them to gather dust and they can get rusty when moisture condenses on the cold metal. The best thing you can do is ride them little and often through the colder months of the year. Regularly check them over and even take your bike for a spin around the block. This is going to do the world of good when you want to go out for a ride in the summer.

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