“Support Your Local Artist” With a New Secret Walls Tour

Secret Walls Tour
via Eddy Vega for Ballerstatus

Secret Walls is a live arts entertainment brand that helps artists take the stage to put on an extravagant show for you. Founded in 2006, Secret Walls have grown so much, collaborating with your favorite brands and sports teams. This summer, Secret Walls is hitting the road with their newly announced “Support Your Local Artist Tour” starting in August. The whole purpose of the tour is to help showcase local artists who will be introduced to new supporters and fans that haven’t heard of them yet.

Earlier this week we got a sneak peek of a miniature version of the tour and we can only imagine what a full show will bring! Taking place at Secret Walls HQ in Los Angeles, SW had a quick 30-minute battle where 4 artists competed in a 2v2 clash of styles!

One side featured The Obanoth and Joon the Goon versus Allison Bamcat and Upendo. The teams were pitted against each other to come up with an on-the-spot artwork that will be judged at the end of the 30 minutes. Should the results come to a tie, the deciding vote went to the fans in the audience. To think this is just a small comparison to the public shows that will be on tour is amazing!

Upendo is an OG of the Secret Walls tour and said, “Great part of this tour is helping the artists get some light out there and we’re touching so many places so we reach every corner.” “I have work from all the artists here today, originals from Bamcat, a skateboard that Joon painted and I have a throw blanket Upendo made. You really get to cross pollinate with the artists at these events.” says The Obanoth about meeting new artists at Secret Walls.

The tours begin on August 13th and will ride out to the last stop on October 11th. Hitting 35+ cities with over 140 artists, you’re going to want to make sure you visit when the Support Your Local Artist tour hits your town! Tickets are available now and more info can be found here.