Samsung Introduces the Galaxy S20 With 100x ZOOM

Samsung Galaxy S20

If you missed the announcement on social media, Samsung Mobile really elevates their Galaxy line with the introduction of the new Galaxy S20.

The latest in the Galaxy lineup boasts a revolutionary 8K Video Snap, which the brand says will change “how you capture not just video, but photography”. With 8K recording capability, you can now grab a 33MP photo from 8K video, turning every frame into a clear still.

The new smartphone also features Samsung Knox security, an intelligent battery, powerful processor, and massive storage.

As far as the 100x zoom, they call it Space Zoom. Available only on the S20 Ultra model, it starts with 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom and goes up to 100x Super Resolution Zoom so you can “find shots you never knew existed.”

Check out some of the features in the video below. For more info and to pre-order the Galaxy S20, visit

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