Cypress Hill’s B-Real Launches Insane OG Beer With SweetWater Brewing Company

B-Real x SweetWater Brewing Company - Insane OG
Photo courtesy of SweetWater Brewing Company

Cypress Hill frontman B-Real continues to make moves as a cannabis advocate. Recently, he partnered with Atlanta-based SweetWater Brewing Company for a new addition to their 420 Strain beer line called Insane OG.

SweetWater is known for their 420 Strain linup, which already includes 20 Extra Pale Ale, Chocolope Stout, G13 IPA, Mango Kush Wheat Ale, Hop Hash Easy IPA and Hazy Double IPA. Now, Insane OG joins the fold.

B-Real’s Insane OG is named after Cypress Hill’s hit song “Insane in the Membrane”. SweetWater describes it as a Mexican-style craft lager. “We’re going to attempt to get our flavor into the beer. A little bit of that experience in a bottle. The Insane experience in a bottle,” says B-Real. Essentially, it emulates a favorite cannabis strain with strain-specific terpenes, a proprietary hemp flavor blend, and hops to give Insane OG it’s aroma.

B-Real x SweetWater Brewing Company - Insane OG
SweetWater Brewing Company

Sweetwater’s publicist Tucker Sarkisian tells CelebStoner that the collaboration is “a natural fit. There’s a mutual respect and admiration between SweetWater and B-Real. We’ve always been fans of his work with Cypress Hill, and also that he’s leveraged his celebrity status to become one of the most influential cannabis advocates. B-Real aligns with our culture and ‘420 lifestyle’ that we’re known for and bring to our consumers through experiences like our 420 Fest (which Cypress Hill has headlined). The 420 Strain series is a tribute to some of our favorite strains. With Insane OG we hope it raises awareness of B-Real and the great work he continues to do as a cannabis advocate.”

Insane OG lager is hitting shelves now. Visit their website to find out where.

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