Cream E. Biggums Shows Off The Power of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Spice Adams x Samsung

In support of their Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung shows off what the tablet has to offer, via a partnership with former professional football player/and social media phenomenon Spice Adams.

On social media, he goes by the alter ego Cream E. Biggums, who has become a viral sensation, known as an oblivious recreation league basketball player who wears goggles and out-of-date gear, with dreams of making it to the pros.

To elevate his game, Cream partnered with Samsung to release his latest short film, a self-styled workout video capturing his latest signature moves for pro scouts. The clip gives fans a never-before-seen look at the secrets behind his hilarious fancy footwork and how he uses the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to bring Cream to life on the screen.

Check out the hilarious video above. And, for more details about the Galaxy Tab S6, click here.

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