Kari Faux Stars in MVMT Femme Fatale

Kari Faux Stars in MVMT Femme Fatale

Los Angeles accessories brand, MVMT teams up with a cohort of groundbreaking female artists in their SS19 Femme Fatale campaign. Taking center stage and fresh on the hells of her Cry 4 Help EP is rapper Kari Faux.

Shot on location in the Hollywood Hills, the concept pairs MVMT’s latest sunglass line with empowering mantras directly inspired by the craft and careers each featured artist is best known for.

“Femme Fatale is an attitude. It’s how we move through a room and command space. It’s in the strength of our spines and the beauty of our art and the grit in our walk. It’s how our stories impact the world and how the world impacts our stories.” – MVMT

MVMT Femme Fatale is now available for purchase online, starting at just $60 USD.

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