Betting On Basketball is On The Rise in the US, Here is Why

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With the United States of America being full of millions of sports enthusiasts, it should come as no surprise that betting on basketball has grown significantly in recent years.

Although some would suggest that the sport is not quite the most popular compared to perhaps American football and baseball, the NBA continues to attract millions of viewers each season and many of them are now able to access a number of different sports betting apps in which they can wager on the action that takes place on the court. DraftKings is widely regarded as the #1 basketball betting app in the country at the moment, although there are a number of them available at the moment to choose from depending on which state the bettor is located in.

So, what are the reasons that help to highlight why betting on basketball has risen in the US recently, and why have they helped to play a role?

Regulations have opened up new opportunities

Sports betting has only recently become an iGaming activity that some Americans have been able to actively take part in and engage with. Following the decision by the Supreme Court in 2018 following New Jersey’s case, they provided states with the opportunity to introduce new regulations regarding online betting.

Naturally, some of the states decided to take the plunge and allow for the iGaming activity to be available to their residents, which has in turn proven to be a decision that has provided a positive outcome.

With the new opportunity having been presented to sports fans in certain locations and the chance to bet on their favorite basketball team when they compete in NBA action, many have jumped at the chance and decided to take their own shot at success.

Indeed, there are still a number of states that are yet to legalize sports betting, although it would seem that there is every chance that more will in the very near future.

Sports betting apps have changed the game

As mentioned briefly earlier, punters are starting to use betting apps like DraftKings in order to place the bets that they want to make on the basketball. The fact that these resources and tools are available to download widely will have only helped to increase the amount of people that place a bet on the sport.

The apps are easily downloaded on the chosen device and can be used extremely easily as operators have worked hard to ensure they provide a flawless and simplistic user experience when designing them, especially as sports like basketball are fast paced.

Additionally, the introduction of betting apps has meant bettors are now able to place wagers whilst on the move wherever they are able to connect to an internet network. This means it is almost impossible not to find an opportunity to make a bet regarding what takes place on the court.


It is clear that the introduction of betting apps and the relaxation of regulations for certain states has helped to encourage betting on basketball to increase and be on the rise. Indeed, it would not be wrong to suggest that the number of people betting on the sport – or any other game – will also increase in the near future, either especially if other states decide to permit sports betting after seeing what others have been able to achieve by doing so.

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