Sherwood Hockey & STAPLE Team Up For First-Ever Streetwear x Hockey Collaboration

Sherwood x STAPLE collection

The worlds of streetwear and hockey collide, as Sherwood Hockey has teamed up with Jeff Staple and his STAPLE brand for the first-ever streetwear x hockey collaboration.

Since their relaunch, Sherwood Hockey’s brand mission to disrupt and reinvent the sport for a new generation of creative and self-expressive hockey players has taken center ice. Hockey has traditionally been overlooked by streetwear and fashion brands as a collaboration partner, creating a perfect opportunity to merge the worlds of performance gear and on-trend streetwear.

“The culture of hockey has not evolved with the times like all other global sports and hasn’t allowed its athletes to showcase their individuality”, said Brendon Arnold, AVP Brand for Sherwood Hockey. When we relaunched the Sherwood brand, we knew there was a wave of young expressive athletes who didn’t want to follow the traditional norms of a stereotypical hockey player. This collab was designed to give hockey players that beacon of creative expression – allowing them to bring lifestyle and fashion into an outdated culture”.

Sherwood Hockey is addressing this white space by teaming up with Jeff and STAPLE, leaning on their expertise in street culture and design, as well as jeff’s personal connection to hockey. As a former youth and collegiate hockey player, jeffstaple has a lifelong affinity for the sport and recognizes the potential impact that can be made by democratizing the game and incorporating outside influences and collaborations to help diversify the image of the sport.

“Hockey was one of my first true passions as goalie, mask designs blew my mind and led to me picking up the sport as a kid & ultimately playing through college. It’s a full-circle moment for me to now be collaborating with Sherwood Hockey, which was my preferred brand as a player. Creating the first ever legitimate hockey x streetwear collaboration is a childhood dream come true” added jeffstaple, Founder of STAPLE and Reed Art Department (RAD).

Sherwood x STAPLE collection

The limited edition collection consists of apparel and hockey gear that feature a custom camouflage print with STAPLE’s signature color palette. This includes both long and short-sleeve tees, a hoodie, jersey and hat, alongside actual hockey equipment like gloves (200) and a hockey stick (250), each limited and individually numbered. There are also three collectible pucks complete with a co-branded display stand.

The collection is available now online at and, as well as exclusively in-store at Atmos New York’s location on 203 W 125th Street.

The Sherwood x STAPLE collection is available as a digital product, in-game as part of EA Sports’ NHL 22 Challenge Card release.

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