GIGANTIC! Introduces New Candy Bar Flavor: SMASHING PUMPKIN

GIGANTIC! Candy Pumpkin

“Sortasweet candy bar” brand GIGANTIC! is back with another new flavor just in time for the fall season: SMASHING PUMPKIN.

As with all their candy bars, GIGANTIC! candy bars are made from real-food ingredients such as Fairtrade dark chocolate and plant-based caramel. Thanks to this, the candy has 69% less sugar than leading candy bars on the market. Also, there are no alternative sweeteners.

For Fall 2021, GIGANTIC! brings back 90’s grunge and smashed a few pumpkins to make one of our favorite new flavors. The limited-time SMASHING PUMPKIN flavor features crunchy pecans, plant-based caramel, real pumpkin and only 7 grams of sugar.

GIGANTIC! Candy Pumpkin

We had a chance to try it ourselves and they are super delicious. It is not too overwhelming in the sweetness department, but has just the right amount, as well as pumpkin flavor that tastes, well, natural. And, not the cardboard-tasting “natural” we’re all used to. It is as good, if not better, than the iconic candy bar brands already out there. They are soft, chewy and perfect for the season.

The GIGANTIC! SMASHING PUMPKIN bars available now at the brand’s online store in 8 packs. You’re welcome!