The Effect of Using Wood Furniture On The Environment

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Furniture is essential in a household not only for its function but also for its design. Aside from its use and design, people nowadays are going nuts over the environmental effect of their everyday stuff, including furniture. Eco-friendly things are very trendy at present, especially among young generations.

Whether they do care for the environment or they want to be in on the craze, many are wondering whether to go for the furniture’s aesthetics or utilization. Wood furniture has the best of both worlds, with an additional benefit. Aesthetically pleasing with a value for its use, wood furniture is the best choice for those who want eco-friendly options.

Wood Furniture is the Best Way to go Green

If you want a unique piece of furniture inside your home but still want to contribute to the betterness of the environment, then you should opt for wood furniture. If this doesn’t convince you, then here’s a list of reasons why you should get one.

  • Wood is a sturdy material; green furniture companies use reclaimed timbers and convert it into a furniture piece. By using reclaimed timbers, forests can be preserved, thus lessening CO2 emissions. No matter how bad the wood’s condition is, furniture companies can still do their magic and create a piece of art.
  • The wastes of the wood used in making furniture and fixtures can also be used in various things. The shavings or sawdust are used as a fuel for heating, while discarded bark can be used in landscaping. Leftovers can also be used to make another piece of furniture or used as other building materials, so there will be zero waste produced.
  • Trees absorb carbon, and when we turn them into furniture, the carbon they absorb throughout their life is stored continuously. This prevents greenhouse effects and can help combat climate change.
  • Wood furniture lasts a long time. It is the most durable material available, making the pieces of furniture last for a long time. And if the time comes, wood is a biodegradable material.
  • Wood scores high in the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), a process ensuring that the material will have a good impact on the environment. Based on their findings, wood scored higher compared to other non-wood materials.

There are several reasons why wood is the best choice not only for its eco-friendly characteristics, but also for its value and design. It’s a little bit pricey, but that must not stop you from opting for wood as the primary material for your furniture.

In fact, you can apply for an installment loan to fund your interior designing materials. This loan can help you purchase your custom made wooden piece of furniture.

Still Skeptical About Wood?

Being skeptical is reasonable and right. Maybe you are thinking, “Is it really good for the environment when you have to cut down trees just to make a piece of furniture?” I understand the point. We’ve seen and heard of forests being harvested and mountains getting bald.

We are also aware of the situation where the natural habitat of the wild animals is destroyed.

Here’s a penny for your thought, tree cutting has a positive impact on the environment. If done correctly with all the rules and regulations being followed, cutting trees maintains the health of a forest.

It improves the natural habitat of the animals, and it provides regeneration. There are proper ways of cutting down trees. Just because it is good for the environment doesn’t mean you will now go and cut all the trees you see.

Clear-cutting has very negative issues surrounding it since it is usually done to clear the forest and convert it into a non-forest use. This can destroy the animal habitat since the forest will not regenerate, and the land will be used for other purposes. The alternative for clear-cutting is selective cutting.

Through selective cutting, the impact on the environment will be less. It can also support many species compared to clear-cutting. There are wrong ways of cutting trees, but there is also a proper way to do it. We just need to be more careful without actions, especially if it involves the environment.


The wood material is better than other materials used in furniture making or even in buildings. They have a much more positive impact than the other materials. It is also best to use plastic or glass materials, especially if it is recycled. But wood can give a refreshing vibe into your home. The earthy feeling it gives can relieve stress, and it can clear our mind.

Interior designing is not just being artistic in the furniture or fixture choices. But also the effect of the elements incorporated to convert a house into a home. It must be comfortable and relaxing.

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