Dr. Martens Links With CLOT To Remix the 1461 Boot

Dr. Martens x CLOT 1461

Popular Hong Kong-based CLOT teams up with the iconic Dr. Martens for a new iteration of the 1461 boot.

A re-envisioned version of one of Dr. Martens’ beloved footwear styles continues its long list of notable collaborations. We find CLOT’s signature red hue and traditional Chinese-influence mixed with Dr. Martens’ classic aesthetic and era-defining 1461 silhouette.

Redesigned with CLOT’s cultural sensibilities, the shoe plays on the ambiguous nature and symbolism of the color red. In Chinese culture, the color could be interpreted as representing luck, youth or fortune – whilst in the eyes of Dr. Martens, it is representative of the expressive and authentic spirit of the youth. Both brands stay rue to their timeless roots – seeking to grow creative culture in the East and in the West.

The Dr. Martens x CLOT 1461 release is slated to drop May 29th at select JUICE stores worldwide, in addition to Dr. Martens online store.

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