Clothing Brands Created By Students

Clothing Brand
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

In all times, fashion is something people tend to pay attention to and follow. It’s one of the ways to express yourself and to show independence in different contexts whether in clothing, hairstyle, furniture or at work. The fashion industry is trending the look or practice that we generally include in our routine.

A commonly asked question by many students is “How can I find my personal style?” For some, it may be a great struggle to find appropriate clothes that will fit both their look and personality. They put so much effort into this never ending search and sometimes come out with nothing. But it is not as complicated as writing academic term papers. There are so many ways of becoming fashionable. For instance, you can:

  • Choose the best look that will fit your personality
  • Pick out clothes that will harmonize your shape
  • Choose classic look like an option
  • Buy a few expensive accessories to add to your style
  • Avoid too many patterns and lines on your outfit
  • Constantly take care of your clothes

Besides, no matter what you choose for your daily outfit or special occasions, confidence becomes an essential part of fashion. It is everything that makes you feel comfortable. Oversized clothes, baggy pants, and sweaters, tight jeans and tops, whatever you choose, should transmit your energy and mood most positively. Moreover, as a student, you should understand that the work you do sometimes speaks louder than your look. If you devote too much time to shopping and choosing your outfit, there’ll be little left for real things and you won’t get any advantage of being fashionable. Unless you want to make fashion work your calling.

Students who were inspired to make their own brand of clothing

Not long ago fashionable clothes could be seen only among affluent people. And Fashion designers were a part of the elite class. Today the situation changed. Anyone can create and design things now even if you are a student. By the way, in case you need more time to save for your creative tasks or business you are about to start, you can buy original argumentative essay online to save you more time and energy for your inspirational work.

Her fashion business started on campus

A college student Nwokocha from a small city of Nigeria dreamed of starting her own fashion company. In her story she showed that everything is possible if you don’t just sit and wait but do anything you’re capable of to fulfill your dream. Her journey in the world of fashion started in her freshman year at college. First, it was a crazy idea of how incredible it would be to print emoticons on t-shirts. But not the ordinary ones, she wanted to use emoticons that would show the images and expressed some sayings of African culture. Thus, she dismissed the idea of internship as a freshman and launched her first collection. It was a very hard job to do since she didn’t have money and it wasn’t appropriate to ask for it from parents in her culture. So, she took out credit cards which she doesn’t really recommend to beginners for setting up a business. Anyway, she successfully managed to deal with it not without struggles, of course. Now she takes all the experience she’d gone through as a necessary step to her dream.

He was sure that his clothes would be a hit

Josh Yazdian was taking his fashion merchandising classes at Indiana University when a simple idea came to his mind. He took a plain t-shirt and his painted pillowcase and created the first product with elaborate patterns and designs by using a needle. Simple work which turned into a masterpiece. But he didn’t expect it to become popular so fast. He sold one of the t-shirts to his friend, and after some time, the t-shirt was gone. Somebody stole it. Then Josh was totally sure that it’s the beginning. If someone wanted it so much that it came to stealing, then it must be a good product. Yazdian experimented some more, he made a hoodie from a simple sweatshirt and printed fabric, and the next day he wore it to class. Students were gathering around him that day asking to sell the hoodie to them. It was a victory. Josh didn’t think too long to create his own clothing line which turned out to be a successful venture. He learnt a lot about fashion at university, did some research work and tried to incorporate his knowledge into the business he has just started.

If you are following the same way as he is, but can’t figure out how to create a good case study due to the overwhelming amount of information in your classes, here is some help for you.

As a student, you also might have some certain dreams about your future and don’t know how to implement your ideas to make them work. From the stories above it’s unbelievable how simple ideas can make so much difference in life. But you shouldn’t just sit and wait. There is always fierce competition around. If you concentrate on your ideas and create the work that brings you inspiration, then be sure, you’ll find your luck is about to change.

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