Technological Advancements That Make Online Gambling Safer

Photo by Panumas Nikhomkhai from Pexels

Technology is constantly evolving to make our lives easier and safer. It affects almost all parts of our lives, and online gambling has not been left behind. With more and more people now having access to smartphones and superfast internet, the online gambling sector is witnessing superfast growth. Statistics from Statista show that the market will be worth a staggering 92.9 billion US dollars by 2023, almost a double-figure of what it is today at around 59 billion US dollars. This is an astronomical amount, and it only goes to highlight the importance of gamblers feeling safe. Even with technological advancements that make gambling safer, users still have a part to play, such as only gambling in a trusted casino online. A safe casino such as JackpotCity uses the latest technological advancements to ensure gamblers are at ease when playing their favorite games. Here is how technology is promoting a safe and secure gambling environment.

Data Modelling

Online gambling sites are required to promote safe gambling practices. Using data modelling, casinos can detect behaviors that may seem to suggest a user is engaging in compulsive technologies. It allows casinos to map the behavior of a gambler, and when it detects unusual behavior, such as using a lot of money than usual, it can alert the user.

Geolocation Tracking Technology

One way to stay safe when gambling online is by only using sites that are licensed and regulated. A casino is only allowed to operate in jurisdictions where it is licensed to operate. With Geolocation Tracking Technology, online casinos can read the user’s IP address, and it will automatically prevent access if the gambler is not in the legalized jurisdiction.

Use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

The emergence of cryptocurrencies now means gamblers can make safe, secure, and anonymous transactions. Blockchain technology also means gamblers can enjoy fair games since it makes it harder for hackers to override a system and determine the outcome of games.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

The field of AI and machine learning has been advancing at lightning-fast speed in recent years. It is being adapted in various sectors, with the technology also finding its way in the casino industry. For example, AI and machine learning may help users deal with common issues through technologies such as chatbots. This means that when a user needs help, such as being guided through making secure payments, the chatbot will lead them through the process, with customer care representatives only coming into the picture when there is no common solution. Casinos can also use AI to determine whether a user is old enough to gamble by automatically checking their documents to determine their authenticity. AI can also be used as a security measure to detect the activity of a user’s account, and if they find any unusual activity, it will automatically lock the account as a security measure until the owner unlocks it again.