Igloo Drops Two New Mandalorian-Inspired Playmate Coolers

Igloo x The Mandalorian

Igloo announced this week two new Playmate coolers inspired by the popular Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.

The new coolers feature stylized artwork capturing two popular characters from the series, including the Mandalorian and the Child, expanding on Igloo’s previously-released Playmate coolers depicting the Child artwork.

“At Igloo, we’re huge fans of the groundbreaking series The Mandalorian,” said Brian Garofalow, Chief Marketing Officer at Igloo. “It’s an absolute honor to launch new Playmate designs, just as season two is airing, that will keep fans’ drinks and snacks perfectly chilled.”

Each of these new Playmate Pal coolers features its own artwork, designed using inspiration from the thrilling galactic adventures of The Mandalorian series. The Mandalorian-Inspired Comic Playmate incorporates artistic comic-style graphics depicting various memorable characters, including the Mandalorian, the Child, Greef Karga, Cara Dune, Moff Gideon, Imperial stormtroopers and Offworld Jawas. On the more playful side, The Child-Inspired Attacks Playmate features artwork showcasing what this little character, adored by fans worldwide, does best: “protect, attack, nap and snack!”

The new The Mandalorian-Inspired Comic Playmate Pal and The Child-Inspired Attacks Playmate Pal are available now at IglooCoolers.com/StarWars.

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