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As we approach the second week of the NFL season, it seems the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks have already hit the ground running at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington. With the Patriots win of 21-11 against the Dolphins in the first week, the quarterbacks are racing to pick up a win for their respective teams.

So with 66 players already opting out of this season, the big questions are which players should you be putting your money on, who are the safe bets and what sleepers are emerging as potential candidates for your team in NFL fantasy football? Keep reading to find out…

Who are the safe bets this season?

Chase Young

Number one on the safe bets list this season is Ohio states star player, Chase Young. Deemed as a generational talent, Young holds an incredibly valuable position and is set to score big. As a player in defence, his proposed success has been compared to the likes of Joey Bosa with the Chargers, Myles Garrett with the Browns and Nick Bosa with the 49’s. So if you’re looking for one of the safest players to draft this season, Young should be pretty high up on your list.

Kenneth Murray

Next up is Oklahoma star player, Kenneth Murray. Having tackled some of the big 12 players in previous seasons, Murray is a firm choice and is likely to obliterate whatever opponent he gets. With his skills lying in ball carriers, covering receivers and rushing the passer, Murray is a strategic defensive playmaker that’s sure to do justice to any fantasy football team.

Overall, Murray’s key strengths include being a strong player in an intellectual, physical and instinctive way, in which all three traits work together strongly in his favor. As a star player since college, Murray is dubbed to be just as successful in the pros. 

Derrick Brown

As another reliable player, Derrick Brown is considered another safe pick. Playing as defensive tackle, Brown is capable of showing consistency on all three downs, as well as showing tremendous speed in rushing the passer and power holding up against the run. Brown is described to have lived in SEC battlefields throughout his four years at Auburn, where he developed powerful pass-rush moves. Overall, Brown’s consistency and pure effort for each and every game are his key strengths and is what makes him such a reliable pick for anyone selecting a team for NFL fantasy football.  

Joe Burrow

In terms of raw, natural talent, Joe Burrow shows an incredible amount of potential. As a college quarterback last year, Burrow proved he was as close to flawless as it gets, having thrown 16 touchdowns as a junior and 60 touchdowns as a senior. Whilst he may play a challenging position, Burrow’s raw talent, physical ability and determination make his a solid choice to draft.

What are the qualities to look out for when drafting an NFL fantasy football team?  

Whilst at the end of the day, the success of your fantasy football team comes down to how the players perform, there’s also a great deal that you can control by ensuring you strategically select your players. Below are some of the traits to look out for when drafting your team.

Health and physical fitness

It’s probably wise to look for a player with the cleanest health record and one that will be durable against heavy and highly skilled opponents. This involves looking at their college touchdown record, their injury history and any other health problems that are likely to arise in the near future.

Sense of character

The safest draft picks won’t have any serious off-the-field issues or misdemeanors. Choosing a player that can remain focused on the game is the best option if you’re looking for success.


If you’re looking to be extra strategic, using the Wonderlic test scores is the best option. The Wonderlic test scores are a measure of a player’s intelligence and problem solving skills. If you’re looking for players’ results, be sure to follow the latest talent scouts and team managers for info. Overall, whilst drafting players for your team can be a bit of a risk, it’s also an incredibly strategic operation that takes careful judgment and time to study past success rates, statistics and scores. However, by following the above advice on the safest players for this season, you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

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