Bought a Vape Pen. This Is the Instructions Card That Came With It — How to Read Any Vape Instruction and Get It

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Reading the instructions can be challenging for several reasons. Sometimes the ink does not contrast well with the background as we see in this case.

The instructions can also be poorly written, or full of jargon that new vapers do not understand.

Table of Contents

  • What to Do When You Cannot Read the Instructions
  • Finding Other Sources of Information
  • Reading the Directions Is Vital
  • Learning to Read Vaping Jargon
  • Concluding Thoughts about Reading the Instructions

Why Is It Important to Read all That Instructions?

Vaping accidents are rare, but when they happen, they can cause severe facial injuries. Misuse can also occur, which voids the warranty. One of the reasons these accidents and malfunctions happen is because some vapers misuse their devices.

If vapers who experience accidents read and understood the instructions, they likely would not have sustained injuries or broke their mods.

Unreadable Instruction Cards

A common problem with instruction cards is illegible characters. Sometimes the ink is damaged by water, or the words are printed on a dark background. The result is impossible to read instructions.

One example is a photo of a card posted on Reddit. The words are unreadable because the ink is black, and the paper is brown. The poster is seeking assistance in understanding what is said.

●      Try Looking

Even if the card is hard to read, there are still ways to comprehend what is written. First, try holding the card under white or black light. The light should illuminate the words, making them easier to read.

If this does not work, look at the card through a magnifying glass. The glass will enlarge the words, making them easier to discern. If all else fails, contact the manufacturer for a new card or verbal instructions.

●      What the Information Says

Because the information on the card is so challenging to read, the instructions are rewritten here completely:

  1. Press to open pack chamber
  2. Heat until the small indicator window turns from black to chrome. It is IMPORTANT to allow the Pipe to cool down after usage to prevent injury!

More info at

We were able to read them because we found a photo of the instructions and magnified it on a computer screen.

Are There Other Sources for Instructions?

Often there are instances when the instructions do not provide enough information. There are also hacks not mentioned in the instructions. People looking for additional sources can find them online.

Manufacturer’s Website

The manufacturer’s site is a trove of information. The customer can find all the information on the card and more, depending on the site.

Some websites also have the directions in PDF format in case the originals get lost. However, there are a few websites with content that is not well written. This is especially the case with companies that offshore content writing.

Online Reviews and Threads

Online reviews and social media threads are also excellent sources of information. Many independent reviewers post their genuine opinions on YouTube and various websites.

These sources are suitable for people who have not yet bought a vape but are seriously considering purchasing one.

Why the Instructions Matter

The primary reason for knowing and understanding them is to avoid accidents. But, the instructions also include licensing information about the chipset and the warranty.

Licensing information about the chip helps the user determine whether the product is genuine. The warranty lets the user know how long it lasts and who he or she can contact if the device breaks.

Techno Babble Translated to English

Every hobby and profession has its own jargon or slang. Understanding these new words is difficult, especially for those new to vaping.

“VG/PG Suggested Ratio”

“VG/PG” means vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol. These are the main ingredients found in e-liquid. There is a suggested ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. It could be 50/50, 70/30, or other ratios.

The ratio of VG to PG can affect taste and vapor production. Also, some ratios are better suited to specific coil configurations. Always use the suggestion VG/PG ratio for a better vaping experience and to avoid damaging the device.

“Keep Product Away from Sun”

Electronic products, including vapes, must be kept out of the sun. Keep them in cool, dry places.

Direct sunlight can damage the internal components of the vape, causing them to melt. It can also cause the battery to overheat.

“What to Do If Product Is Dropped”

If a vape is dropped, it most likely is not damaged. The surface might be chipped or scratched, but this does not affect the mod’s performance.

Make sure there are no cracks or leaks. If there are, do not use the vape. If the battery is warmer than usual, discontinue vaping. Repeated accidents with the device will cause permanent damage. Avoid dropping it.

“Recommendations Regarding Young People and Non-Smokers”

Vape products are required to have warning labels by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The purpose of these warnings is to discourage minors and non-nicotine users from using e-cigarettes and tobacco products.

“Only Verified Products Can Get Warranty Service”

There are a lot of counterfeit vaping products on the market. Unscrupulous individuals, usually from outside the United States, make knock-offs of popular brands.

The warning mentioned above means that the company will not repair a counterfeit product. When buying a vape, make sure it is genuine.

“Keeping the Pipe Cool”

This warning is standard for many vaping products. The company is telling the customer that if it is overused, it can overheat and malfunction.

If this warning is ignored, and overheating causes damage to the vape, the warranty will not cover repair costs.

Always Keep the Instructions in Mind

All of the warnings mentioned here are meant to keep users safe and the device functional. They should not be ignored. Before operating any vape, no matter how simple it may look, always read the manual first.

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