Dr. Martens x Pleasures 1460 Boot

Dr. Martens x Pleasures 1460 Boot

Dr. Martens has released its fifth collaboration of The 1460 Remastered, with the LA-based, punk-inspired label Pleasures.

As a part of The 1460 Remastered, Dr. Martens has partnered with creatives from their history of collaborations, asking them to re-imagine the iconic 1460 boot in celebration of their 60th Anniversary.

Inspired by the contrasting energies of the Punk Rock and New Wave genres, Pleasures founder Alex James designed the 1460 in two contrasting materials ā€“ Dr. Martens classic smooth leather and polished patent. The clashing materials are Frankensteined together on the boot, merging, uniting and representing multiple music genres in one.

The Dr. Martens x Pleasures 1460 boot is available in limited numbers at DrMartens.com and select partners on June 27th.

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