Spalding Unveils Limited Kobe 94 Series Silver Basketball

Kobe x Spalding 94 Series Silver Basketball

Spalding unveiled a new limited edition Kobe Bryant basketball thi week, dubbed the Kobe 94 Series Silver.

The release is the second installment in the Kobe x Spalding 94 Series, which celebrates the process of what was the late Kobe Bryant’s daily transformation from a player with unmatched focus and determination, to a loving husband, father, coach, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author.

Dedicated to Kobe’s mission and to everyone in the process of transforming into a champion in whatever they do, the basketball comes in a grey and silver colorway with a snakeskin pattern on premium composite material to represent Kobe’s continuous growth and renewal. It is the official size of an NBA ball and is embossed with Kobe’s signature.

The Kobe x Spalding 94 Series Silver Basketball drops Monday (June 15) at 9am CT to Spalding MVP Members on

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