Online Basketball Sessions By NBA India For Students Amidst COVID-19

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Today, we are experiencing the first of its kind, nationwide lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this global crisis, almost every sector or industry has suffered in one way or the other. Sports, too, are facing a challenge because sporting events and sports training programs have come to a halt. Understanding the gravity of the situation, a few sporting units have taken respite on the Internet. Brian, who offers online assignment help Australiasays that the online route has been taken to ensure that the players are not only keeping themselves fit, but are also on an everyday basis. One such unit is NBA India. It has come up with online sessions as part of its Basketball Schools Program. In this program, there are 17 school partners involved around the country.

Some of the top schools that are a pivotal part of this program and are participating actively include Green Fields School and Ramagya School of Delhi, Rustomjee Ozone CHS, Ryan Global School, Jamnabai Narsee School, and the St. Stanislaus High School of Mumbai. The training unit conducts a minimum of 2 sessions on a weekly basis. On average, it has been noted that there are approximately 12 to 15 students who actively take part in these online sessions.

The NBA India, Basketball Operations team leader, Marc Pulles in an email correspondence with a leading sports magazine Sportstar said that he and his team, along with the coaches, are perennially coming up with several online sessions to ensure that the training of the students is not halted, despite the global pandemic. Jacob, who offers online assignment help services, says that since the children are already home-bound, the online sessions are a fun and an interactive way to keep them active and going. 

Marc further explained this by saying that children require physical activity while they are at home.

So, these online sports classes are an ideal medium to help them brush up their skills and stay connected to the game, right from the comfort of their homes. Mathew, who offers online write my essay services, says that when he saw his cousin Samar following these online sports sessions, he was convinced that it is the best way to keep the kids active in a very fun and a light manner.  

Online sports sessions following the stated curriculum  

Keeping in view the recommendations of the Central and the State authorities regarding the complex situation of COVID-19, NBA in India has postponed and suspended every program pertaining to basketball development in India. Unfortunately, it also includes the sessions that were to take place in the NBA Basketball Schools of the country. In the wake of the situation when everything is moving online, Marc Pulles has recommended introducing an online curriculum for the basketball sessions. As a result of the progress in online technology, these sessions will be imparted 100% online. The good part is that the overall response, so far, on these sessions, both from the schools and the students, have been highly encouraging to continue to take this step forward.

Of course, there will be limitations, but as of now, there’s no other way than to work with these limitations. Hence, the sessions are designed with a core focus on the imparting and the brushing of the fundamental aspects of the sport. In general, a typical online basketball session starts with a warm-up workout. It is then succeeded by a few ball handling drills. Following this, the trainers try to work on improving the defensive work and the shooting work of the players. Lastly, the session is wrapped with an interactive group discussion on topics related to basketball. Further, there are some assignments and homework too, which are given to the students. Mostly, the assignments include sharing a few video links that the students are expected to watch after the session. Homework, primarily include practicing form shooting and general things like showing gratitude to the parents.

How has been the student response so far on the online sessions?

According to Marc Pulles, the initial response has been great. Over 25 sessions have been conducted so far, and it has been the exciting first few weeks for both the coaches and the students. Though it is a new format for everyone, the students have quickly adapted to it. The good news is that the enrollment per session has been consistent and is only improving through every passing week. Chris, who offers the best digital marketing course online, says that this online program is the need of the hour, and will be the best alternative to keep the students active with the sport. Further, it is certain that the students will learn a lot of intricate details about the sport with these interactive and fun online sessions. 

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