Dough The Fresh Kid Talks Evolution & New Album “Tal’s Cafe”

Dough The Fresh Kid

Los Angeles-based artist Dough The Fresh Kid has been on the grind for nearly a decade and after a number of mixtapes releases and his last album Black Rome, he returns with a new project called Tal’s Cafe, via his own imprint EPC Music Group.

We caught up with DTFK recently for a chat about the new project and his evolution over the course of his career.

What sets this apart from your other releases?

That’s a great question. If anything, I sorta experimented a little with different sounds, production I wouldn’t normally use on my album. Not too many changes, but I did play around a bit. I’ll also say I “Dumbed it down” on this album. Black Rome was a serious “conscious” album that was mandatory for me to share with the world. On Tal’s Cafe I’m having a little more fun, radio friendly songs but, still dropping jewels.

What’s your favorite track off the new joint?

To be honest, it’s really hard for me to say. I don’t have one favorite. The album is dope. I love a lot of the songs. I’ll say my top 3 songs to me and I’m reaching is “Your Welcome”, “My Devotion” and “Keep On Hustlin”, but like I said, the whole album is crazy…. my order could change daily.

What’s the evolution of DTFK like since your last album?

My supporter numbers are increasing, from the continuous flights I’m taking throughout the states connecting with other independent artists and making plays. I have officially established my label EPC Music Group LLC and brought on a new team of producers and directors. I’m building up my network with radio, DJs, media and promoters. I’m in the process of putting my first national tour together.

Dough The Fresh Kid

Any features and producers on here you want to mention?

You know I gotta show love to my people. so starting off with my sisters Lil Moma, Signature, Juanialys; my brothers Wee Dogg, Cuzzy Capone, Compton Menace, Winkloc, 1 Shot Dealz, Snubbs, Southside Yoko, Big B, Harlem Fatts, King Braize and that singing motherf*cker Danny Boy (like 2Pac said)… Knaw my boy Devin Bhana’e. That’s all the features on my album and if I forgot anybody, you know I didn’t mean it (may Allah forgive me). A big shout-out to my producer Val, my brother Furious even though your not on this album, he family, my childhood friend Chordz mixing down some songs and I recorded a few in his studio, my brother Bates c’mon bro you know my sound and my first producer NG and Phenom. I got some new producers on this album but, they gotta put in some work first before I give them shout-outs, don’t want them getting too comfortable, gotta stay hungry in this game.

What will the first single be?

So, I’m not releasing any singles prior to album release. No leaks, I want people to enjoy every song on the album as a whole. So only leaks available is background music while I’m in the studio recording which I’ve posted on social media. However, “Causing Traffic” seem like it might be my first single off the album.

Tal’s Cafe is slated to June 10, 2020. For more info, visit his official website at and follow him on social media here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

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