LISTEN: Tierra Whack Drops New Single “Wasteland” (Audio)

Tierra Whack – Wasteland (Single Artwork)

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tierra Whack has become one of hip-hop’s most appealing standout blossoming acts. The artist who once went under the moniker, Dizzle Dizz, released her debut album, Whack World, independently in May 2018. Tierra Whack’s initial musical offering was met with raved reviews upon its release by critics and casual fans alike allowing her to build a cult-like fellowship that supports her every move.

Now, the “Hungry Hippo” rapper has been participating in a self-curated promotional weekly release event known as Whack History Month, where she’s released a new single every week since Feb. 19. Since beginning Whack History Month, Tierra has released a total of four new original songs. The songs included in the release are– “Only Child”, “CLONES”, “Gloria”, and brand-new single “Wasteland” that dropped earlier this week.

Breaking Down Tierra Whack’s ‘Wasteland’

Sonically, the composition of the instrumentation is minimalist. The instrumental consists of elongated semi-distorted organ chords and a mid-tempo drum pattern. A heavy 808 bass-line is introduced at the eighth bar of the intro, providing warmth to the beat where Whack begins delivering her lyrics.

Tierra initially delivers her chorus and ad-libs in melodic fashion, while her verses are carried out in her own polished and notorious monotonous vocal cadence. Whack’s “Wasteland” is an ode to independence, rejecting the desperate and ill-intended, and forcing men to level up. A message that society so desperately needs to be reiterated and loudly emphasized.

Check out “Wasteland” by Tierra Whack for yourself in the video provided above. Also, be sure to catch Tierra Whack working the festival circuit this upcoming summer. And lastly, let us know your thoughts on our social media accounts.

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