5 CBD Products to Try in 2022

CBD - Marijuana
Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash

The CBD manufacturing market is growing at a rapid pace, with more products being released onto the market for consumers to potentially benefit from all the time. While variety is the spice of life, an expansive range of options does make it challenging for everyday people to know what may be right for them if they are new to CBD.

With plenty of research and consideration for your own unique needs, you may decide that any of the following products might be worth exploring in the near future.

CBD Tincture

Full-spectrum CBD tinctures are CBD products that have become some of the most popular in recent months. They tend to consist of natural flavors like lemon, orange, and lime, and you use the glass bottle’s dropper to place drops of the CBD oil under your tongue.

Many people who use CBD tinctures say they feel less stressed, calmer, and often much better placed for a restful night’s sleep. Some of the best CBD producers also ensure their CBD tinctures are USDA certified and vegan.

CBD Salve

CBD salve is a go-to product for many people experiencing cracked or dry skin and even sore muscles or joints from sports and everyday life. Such a product contains hemp extract and essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus. CBD salve comes in a convenient jar that you can pop into your suitcase or handbag or stow away in your medicine cabinet for easy access.

CBD Gummies

It’s not hard to understand why one of the most popular CBD products is in candy form. Those with a sweet tooth can carry around a container of CBD gummies with delicious flavors like green apple and consume one whenever they feel the need.

Some people who purchase CBD gummies often say that they allow them to keep focused and relaxed during high-stress events while being easy and discreet to consume.

CBD Energy Drink Mixes

With a combination of water-soluble hemp extract powder, caffeine, vitamins, and other ingredients, CBD energy drink mixes are flying off the shelves. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, you can rip open a sachet and make a drink that may provide the boost you need to get through the day. Some of the best energy drinks containing CBD on the market have no added sugar or THC, yet many people see the value in them to beat afternoon brain fog and stay focused.

CBD Dog Treats

While CBD dog treats are not something you’ll enjoy all that much yourself, your pet just might. CBD product manufacturers are realizing that any benefits their customers see from CBD products may also be experienced by their pets.

Many of the best dog treats with CBD contain phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil with beef flavoring and water-soluble CBD powder. Some pet owners who have given such treats to their dogs say they calm them down during stressful events like fireworks and allow them to sleep easier. CBD dog treats may even be helpful for conditions like osteoarthritis.

With new CBD products entering the market all the time, it can be challenging to keep up. If you’re curious about what reputable manufacturers are producing and whether you might see any benefits, it might be time to explore these options above.