Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma Shows Look Inside His Closet & At-Home Barbershop

Kyle Kuzma in Hanging With Kuz

Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma offers a look inside his closet and at-home barbershop in the latest episode of LG’s series “Hanging With Kuz”.

In Part 3 of the series, dubbed “This Is Different”, Kuz walks viewers through the iconic cuts and dye jobs he’s tried out in his brand-new home barbershop and gives host Taco a look through his massive shoe and wardrobe collection.

“You can buy ’em on my LG OLED,” says Kyle Kuzma, in reference to the 20+ pairs of sneakers Kuz houses in the footwear section of his custom closet.

By the end of the the final episode, Kuzma pulls out his iconic all alligator white suit.