Team Whistle and YouTube Star MMG Partner on New Series ‘Reload My Room’

Gamers take notice – Matthew Meager, better known as MMG may be your new best friend! With over 2M active YouTube subscribers, MMG is on a mission to create custom gaming environments for deserving young gamers from across the United States. This new series with Team Whistle scours the nation for enthusiasts in need of a game-room overhaul and the results of show, which launched on May 12th, do not disappoint. Check out the series on Whistle’s YouTube.

“I am a lifelong sports enthusiast and gamer. It was high school when I really embraced my obsession with gaming which ultimately brought me to YouTube to create my own channel,” said MMG. “When Team Whistle approached me about the creation of this series, I was excited to get on board so I could pay it forward and give back to the next generation of gamers.” 

Paying it forward is exactly what MMG is doing as he gives back to the gaming community by creating epic new set-ups for passionate gamers lucky enough to be selected. The best part? Reload My Room is taking application submissions here!

“At Team Whistle, our sweet spot is spotlighting relatable characters and stories at the intersection of sports and entertainment,” said Dashiell Desloovere, VP, Content Strategy and Programming at Team Whistle. “Our new series RELOAD MY ROOM was born from our internal analytics that found that 91 percent of our fans are interested in lifestyle content around gaming, and 95 percent see gaming as an important way to stay connected in the current climate. From there we focused on locating real people that are accessible to our audience while being incredibly deserving of the experience.”

The first episode follows California junior high school esports Rocket League captain, Diego Bañuelos and his coach as they share the early days of the team and some of the quarantine factors that led to its creation and growth. Interpersonal communication with peers during the time of the lockdown was difficult for much of the youth population in our country – with school interactions reduced to online sessions and outdoor group sports suspended. I’ll stop short of ruining the surprise but let’s just say Diego SCORED!

With other young gamers in the lineup for upcoming episodes, this isn’t a series you want to sleep on – particularly if you want a shot of having your room ‘RELOADED!’ Good luck and happy watching (and gaming)!

Check out Episode One here.

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