Igloo Unveils ECOCOOL Collection Made With Recycled Plastic


Igloo has officially debuted ECOCOOL, the world’s first hardside coolers made with recycled plastic, as part of a new collection.

Arriving this spring, Igloo’s new ECOCOOL collection includes five cooler styles each made in the USA with a recycled resin compound that is the first of its kind in repurposing post-consumer plastic derived from discarded plastic yogurt cups and milk jugs that would normally end up in landfills throughout the world.

“We are very proud to introduce the world’s first hardside coolers made with recycled plastic,” said Dave Allen, CEO and President of Igloo. “We’ve had a series of industry firsts since Igloo was founded in 1947, so we’re happy to continue this tradition while also moving forward significantly in our mission to become the most environmentally friendly cooler company on Earth.”

With the initial production run of ECOCOOL, Igloo will utilize 58 tons (116,383 pounds) of recycled resin, which is equivalent to saving the landfill space of 10 football fields. The collection includes everything from a 7-quart Little Playmate to a 90-quart roller cooler.

The Igloo ECOCOOL collection is delivering to REI stores and REI.com now, and will be available on Igloocoolers.com April 22.

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