Seed x CBAAF Sweatshirt Drops For $0

Seed x CBAAF Sweatshirt

Pioneering consumer life science brand Seed teams up with streetwear brand Come Back as a Flower’s (CBAAF) for a limited edition drop that you can actually get for free… but you have to earn it.

Launching now, exclusively on Seed’s Instagram, anyone who wants to test their scientific knowledge will be invited to partake in a 6-day digital course on the connection between humans and the environment. After completing the course, users will receive a limited-edition, sustainable sweatshirt from CBAAF + Seed that money cannot buy – only available to those who complete the course.

More details on this collaboration below. Also, visit the SEED Instagram to more.

  • HOME: Starting from far away in space, the course allows users to pause for a moment to appreciate the Earth, describing first the Overview Effect—a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space before learning about the IoE (Internet of Everything).
  • Galaxies in a Spoon: From clouds and rainfall—natural symbols for ‘purity’—users get closer to Earth to start contemplating the small nooks of nature that are also teeming with life. Focusing on ponds, users learn about their microbial diversity which can help scientists understand the complexity of bacterial life in larger, more complex ecosystems.
  • WWW (the Wood Wide Web): The life within the soil microbiome influences the health of obvious natural relationships, but it also helps play a role in a stranger scientific phenomenon—The WWW: the microbial communications between trees via their roots. Millions of species of fungi and bacteria swap nutrients between soil and the roots of trees, forming a vast, interconnected web of organisms throughout the woods.
  • The Wonders of Food: Microbial diversity within just a teaspoon of soil can spark curiosity for the microbial relationship with our food. Users dive deep into fermentation and uncover the world of cheese, yogurt, breads, and more as fascinating fungus and kitchen microbes reveal the wonderous world of food in new ways.
  • You are a Rainforest: Users will explore not only the microbial particles living around them, but on them and inside them. This is their microbiome. Users will learn how their internal ecosystem is linked directly to history’s unseen matrix of bacteria.
  • Come Back as a Flower: Lastly, the necrobiome of all living organisms, returning microbes to the Earth—in the complexities and richness of soil—a biological expression of reincarnation to be dispersed and added to the ongoing matrix of all bacteria and life. 
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