Online Casino Trends Making Waves

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Over the last few years, the casino industry has experienced a huge shift in the way people play games. Most notably, now, the majority of people do so online instead of visiting physical casinos and the most popular platform to game on is a phone. More people are gambling too – with over 20% of adults saying they gambled in the last four weeks, compared to 17% in 2015. 

What’s more, as the demographic of gamers has changed so have consumer preferences. Combine this with the fact that gaming developers now need to showcase their creativity and innovation more than ever before and it’s no surprise that a number of casino trends have been making waves in the industry.

Enhanced experiences 

As games are developed, and technology improves, it’s no surprise that the overall gaming experience is becoming better. From smoother gameplay and better accessibility to more diverse characters and more current graphics, user demand has meant developers have had to think on their feet – if they want to stay ahead of the competition. 

For those playing at home, there are a few additional updates including live dealers and virtual tables to offer a live aspect. Players can even change their table view, listen to real-life casino sounds and even change their dealer – in the same way they could if they were in a brick-and-mortar casino. Brands like William Hill Canada compile these options into gaming lounges in a bid to provide immersive and social experiences around the world. Within these lounges, players can find a varied selection of these enhanced online games – 134 at this particular site. To keep up with the masses, they have to keep their players entertained.

New games 

If gaming developers want to stay ahead, then they need to be offering an experience that goes above and beyond. The range of games on offer, and their quality, is just one small part of this. Years ago, games were limited to standard casino favorites but now brands are giving individuals more options. This includes the likes of esports betting, which now has plenty of leagues where players can use gaming skills to try and make money. What’s more, a number of esports TV channels are popping up and TV providers have begun to partner with esports brands to offer premium gaming packages. That’s not all either as there is also a range of new table games available as developers seek to improve old classics.

On-the-go gaming

The Gambling Commission has revealed that smartphones are the most popular platform for gaming but, as interest matures, it’s no surprise we’re now seeing other platforms becoming readily available. This includes smartwatches. In fact, the latest figures predict that smartwatch gaming could reach a total value of $140 million. 

Companies like Microgaming and Playtech have already begun offering games via smartwatches – a staple accessory in so many people’s lives – and it’s believed that many others will join them. Suppliers will also be busy developing suitable games. Not only does this make the entire experience more convenient and easy for those who want to play wherever and whenever but it helps to attract a new and more diverse audience. 

These are just a few changes in the industry. Other notable developments include the introduction of cryptocurrency in gambling for payments and enhanced safety, female gaming developers becoming more prominent, and VR and AR games now being even more popular. 

While we don’t know what the future brings for the gaming industry, one thing’s for sure, we can expect new trends to pop up every single year.

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