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Star Wars’ Yoda Offers VoiceSkin For TomTom GPS Units

VoiceSkins does it again. The company has just added another celebrity voice for yoru TomTom GPS Navigation Systems. That celebrity being Star Wars' Jedi Master, Yoda. After releasing Snoop Dogg and Homer Simpson GPS VoiceSkins last year, and Star Wars Darth Vader and C-3P0 in the past two months, VoiceSkins has added yet another Star Wars character to their roster of celebrity voices. Get it now at

Game Trailer: Star Wars: The Old Republic

E3 is going down this week, and there, the people at BioWare and LucasArts revealed a brand new trailer of the upcoming Star Wars title, Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is a nearly six-minute cinematic trailer showing the Sith, Jedi and clones throwing down deep within the forests of Alderaan. Darth Malgus nearly gets owned by a elite Republic Special Forces unit helmed by a female Jedi. No release date yet, but it's scheduled for Spring 2011.

Game Trailer: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

This is the sequel to the original title, which dropped in 2008 and became the fastest-selling Star Wars game ever. In part II, Starkiller is the fugitive apprentice of Darth Vader, who uses him as a pawn and attempts to clone him to create the ultimate Sith warrior. Starkillers leaves and embarks on a journey to find his true love all while Vader is on the chase. It is scheduled to drop October 26th.

Darth Vader Offers His Voice For TomTom GPS Units

Ever wished your GPS gave you more entertaining voice commands while you were driving to your destination?, who brought you celebrity voices from Homer Simpson and Snoop Dogg, has partnered with TomTom GPS and LucasFilm for an official Darth Vader-voiced GPS system...