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Photos: DJ Skee/Skee.TV Launch Event ‘Greatness Doesn’t Ask Permission’ (LA, CA)

DJ Skee celebrated the launch of his new building/offices in Hollywood, as well as his new Skee.TV website, late last month with a shindig, in which friends and industry peers showed up to check out his new digs. During a warm summer evening, attendees enjoyed free drinks, food, music, and art at Skee's new offices. Artist Aaron Axelrod's works took over the offices, complete with military grade lasers, mannequins climbing the building with ropes, SWAT team dummies on lampposts overlooking the building...
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DJ Skee Talks Skee.TV Beginnings, Success

The key to DJ Skee's success has been taking advantage of every opportunity thrown his way. You give the DJ an inch, he takes a foot, a tactic that's helped him dip his hand into everything he exposed to. As of late, that's been videos.

Skee TV: Crooked I Records Final Hip-Hop Weekly

After 52 weeks of leaking one freestyle every week for fans on the net, Crooked I's final Hip-Hop Weekly freestyle is here. DJ Skee got the exclusive, recording the historic moment on film. Here's how it went down.