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DJ Skee’s Skeetox Event Is Finally Here, Hits Hollywood April 2nd

The launch of Skeetox, DJ Skee's innovative new live stage show, has been in the works for six months. Skeetox is finally here. It goes down on Friday (April 2) at Hollywood's Vanguard nightclub. Aside from a live band, it will feature performances from several artists...

Shwayze: Get U Home (Music Video)

Shwayze's Cisco Adler has created his own music video for the duo's new single "Get U Home" off of their upcoming album, Let It Beat. The video gives you a look into the fun and crazy lifestyle that the Malibu-based duo lives behind the scenes and on tour.

Shwayze: The Laid Back Chill Type

An interview with Shwayze about music, the benefits of being the "only black kid in Malibu," and weed, proves that there are still some cool dudes in the music industry.