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Sedgwick & Cedar Drops Tee In Honor Of Epic 1980s Hip-Hop Event

Sedgwick & Cedar, the brand that celebrates hip-hop pioneers, announced this week the release of their latest tee addition, dubbed “Wheelz of Steel.” The design and name stems from an ongoing hip-hop party at Club Negril in New York City that then had to move to The Roxy due to its growing size. Kool Lady Blue threw the first hip-hop party there in June of 1982 and unbeknownst to them, it was the beginning of an evolution of music culture…

Sedgwick & Cedar Releases Its New ‘Planet Rock’ Collection

Heritage hip-hop brand Sedgwick & Cedar announced this week a new line representing the emergence of hip-hop culture and its movement across the world. It’s called the “Planet Rock” line. The Planet Rock line is named after the single of the same name released in 1982 by hip-hop’s “Master of Records” and founder of the Universal Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaataa…