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Scott Storch Talks Dr. Dre and ‘Detox’

DJ Skee recently caught up with producer Scott Storch while he was in Los Angeles to talk about his recent sessions with Dr. Dre, what's in store for Detox, and his relationship with the legendary producer.

Rockstar Energy Drink CEO Buys Scott Storch’s Miami Mansion

Scott Storch took a hard fall from the top, after squandering away his fortune on drugs, partying and girls. One of his biggest losses was his Miami mansion, which he originally bought for $10.5 million. Recently, Rockstar Energy Drink CEO, Russ Weiner, bought it for a reported $6.75 million...
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Shyne Reportedly Working On New Album With Scott Storch

Shyne was released from prison and deported to Belize in October, but the former Bad Boy Records recording artist has reportedly begun working on new music already, or will be very soon. The rapper has been working heavily with producer Scott Storch on new music...

Miami Actor Wins $750,000 Judgement Against Scott Storch

Scott Storch can't catch a break, can he? After revealing to the world (via an MTV report) that his fast life had cost him almost all his fortune, he is now being ordered to cough up $750,000 to a Miami actor over a business dispute.