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Product Review: a-JAYS Four Earphones

With the iPad, iPhone, and iPod hype in full bloom, Swedish ear/headphones manufacturer JAYS recently released the a-JAYS Four, with the purpose to offer the perfect match for these Apple products. The earphones use the same design and flat cable as their predecessor — the a-JAYS Three — only this time they have inline controls and a microphone to use with the iPhone. Read on as us at BallerStatus crew give their verdict on these award-winning beauties…

Product Review: Marshall Major Headphones

As hardcore music junkies, we wear out dozens of headphones throughout our lives. We take them out on the streets, in trains, on bikes, through storms, rain and heat, which eventually lead to broken contacts, damaged ear buds and so on. Marshall — the brand that breathless roadies and roaring trucks have struggled to make heard all across the globe — graced us with a pair of their latest headphones, dubbed the “Major” …

Product Review: Diddybeats Headphones

After Dr. Dre and Lady GaGa, hip-hop mogul Diddy recently joined forces with Monster for the release of high performance in-ear headphones. We tested the headphones to see if they were worth the $179 price tag. The Diddy Beats are a perfect match with Sean Combs’ liking of luxury. Without making sacrifices in its sound performance, the headphones look slick and stylish. They are made of high quality materials…