Humboldt County Duo Potluck Asks Fans To Help Name Their Next Album

Humboldt County hip-hop duo, Potluck, are currently locked down in the studio recording the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed Pipe Dreams record, but they need help from their fans. The group is currently seeking fan submissions in a contest to title the group's new studio album, which could earn a fan credit and prizes. The winner, as chosen by Potluck, will be credited in the liner notes of the album...

Potluck ft. Absolute & Garth Vader: Vapors (Music Video)

Humboldt County's rap duo, Potluck, are back with a brand new music video. This is the visual for "Vapors," off her new album, Greatest Hits With My Buds, out now. It features guest appearances by Tech N9ne, D12, E-40, Chali 2na, and The Luniz. "Everyone has rap lines about blunts, joints and bongs, but nobody had ever made a song or video about a vaporizer," says member 1 Ton of the new track...

Potluck: Hot Box Anthem (Music Video)

Humboldt County California duo Potluck have just released a brand new video from their new album, Pipe Dreams. Filmed in their hometown, the duo -- along with Garth Vader and Absolute -- show you how they hot box a tour bus.

Potluck: Budding Prospects

A pot luck is an evolutionary vestige from a time when socialism reigned and everyone was meant to "pitch in." Not everyone is equal.