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Papoose Gives Remy Ma Update, Says He Visits Her Regularly

Remy Ma may be alone, as she serves an eight year bid for assault charges, but she's not entirely alone. She's got Papoose. He recently confirmed that he's officially married to Remy Ma, and has been visiting her on the regular, in addition to giving an update.

Controversy, Would You Really Care Without It?

I had a thought this week while reading all the garbage about the Papoose, 50 Cent versus Fat Joe news, following the fight between Joey Crack and Pap. What is it about beefs, arrests and publicity stunts that drive fans' interest?

Cassidy Denies Setting Up Papoose For Fat Joe

The talk about the Fat Joe vs. Papoose fight hasn't died down since it was first reported. Now, after both sides are out there, a new explanation has come out -- from rapper Cassidy, who was on hand during the incident.

Fat Joe, Papoose Confirm Fight Rumors, Explain Their Sides

After rumors surfaced over the weekend that reported Fat Joe and Papoose were involved in a minor scuffle, Fat Joe quickly responded by posting a video denying getting hurt. But now, both rappers have responded, via radio interviews, giving their side of how things went down.