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Up Close & Personal Biography Of Southern Cali Fine Art Artist Noah

Here is an up close and personal video biography of American artist Noah. See and hear the history and life story behind the artist and how he has incorporated his faith into his art to impact the lives of collectors around the globe. The clip was filmed on location in his signature gallery in Southern California, where you hear the stories and motivations behind the artist's works and styles. Director, producer Willie T has worked closely with the Noah...

American Artist: Painter Noah Brings ‘Motor Mouse’ To Life on Canvas

In this episode of "American Artist", Southern California artist Noah is shown creating two fine art images -- "Rebel Mouser" and "Kustom Chop". These cool pieces show Mickey in the Kustom Kulture vibe of Americana and old skool kustoms. The clip shows how Noah creates the images right from his head, onto paper, then to finished paint onto canvas. Incredible.