Mos Def
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Mos Def To Retire Rap Moniker At End Of 2011

Rapper/actor Mos Def has been going by that rap moniker since beginning his rap career in the mid-1990s. But when 2011 comes to a close, he will no longer refer to himself as such. In a recent interview with MTV2's Suckerfree, the New York rap vet revealed that he plans to retire his "Mos Def" moniker at the end of the year ... because it's run its course and he wants to move on. "I'm retiring the Mos Def name after 2011. That's it," Mos told MTV2's Peter Rosenberg. "Mos Def is a name that I built and cultivated over the years. It's a name that the streets taught me, a figure of speech that was given to me...
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Black Star (Talib Kweli & Mos Def) Reunite On Stage At 2011 Paid Dues

It's been years since Talib Kweli and Mos Def have released anything as the duo known as Black Star, but after Kweli revealed last year that the pair have re-connected and recorded some new stuff, fans have been clamouring to hear it. Well, Murs did one better, reunited the two on stage for Saturday's (April 2) Paid Dues Festival in San Bernardino, Calif. Above is a clip we spotted over at, in which you see both rappers of the duo performing...

Mos Def Signs With Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music

Kanye West has expanded his G.O.O.D. Music roster once again, following the addition of the Clipse's Pusha T earlier this month. In the new issue of XXL, 'Ye discusses his musical relationship with Mos Def, who has become the latest artist on his label's roster. The mag article reads: "Just as Kanye returned to his roots to scoop up Common, he recently recruited his buddy Brooklyn rapper/singer/actor Mos Def into the G.O.O.D. Music fold...

Mos Def: Flowers (Music Video)

Here's the Coodie and Chike directed video for Mos Def's "Flower," a piece off the rapper's upcming fourth solo album The Ecstatic, dropping June 9.