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Stars Reveal Their 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

It's a New Year, and with it, people have the chance to start fresh, whether it be take on a positive attitude, get back to the gym, eat more healthy, or give up one of your guilty pleasures. Celebrities aren't exempt from this either. They make New Year's resolutions as well...
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100 Greatest Hits of YouTube in 4 Minutes

Someone mashed together 100 of the greatest clips that got really popular on YouTube. How many do you remember? We remembered quite a few, and searched for the others we didn't. Had to post this one.

Your Favorite Celebs Before They Hit The Spotlight

Before any of your favorite celebs were rich and famous, they were regular kids with funny hair and acne. Maybe they were popular, maybe they weren't, but they all had to do endure high school experience. We came across these photos of some of the biggest stars in the worlds of music and entertainment, and through we'd share.

Hip-Hop’s Biggest Stars & Vets Hit The 30+ Club

As the hip-hop inches closer to nearly 40 years since being introduced in the Bronx in New York City in the 1970s, the genre has grown tremendously. That means some of today's biggest artists have aged along with it. Some of the game's pioneers have maintained their presence over the years, continuing to grow their brand, while some haven't.

Unemployed Mother Wins $6 Million Lotto Jackpot

An unemployed mother of three got the best news of her life last week in Elkhard, IN, when she matched all six numbers of Wednesday's (April 15) Hoosier Lottery drawing, winning more than $6.5 million in cash.

Harvard Law School Goes Hip-Hop?

Harvard Law School's Black Law Student Association (BLSA) and The Hip-Hop Entertainment Law Project (HHELP) are set to host a mini-music seminar next weekend, aimed to help high-risk teens earn jobs within the music industry.