Mike Posner’s Vlog: One Foot Out The Door (Episode #5)

In this episode of Mike Posner's web series "One Foot Out The Door", the recording artist returns home to Michigan for a two-part episode, the first of which is a show at University of Michigan. He also catches up with his sister Emily and a few childhood friends. And in the middle of it all, he rocks a photoshoot with Detroit photographer Dante Marshall.
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Mike Posner: Drug Dealer Girl (Music Video)

Mike Posner drops the official music video for his mixtape track, "Drug Dealer Girl," off his debut mixtape A Matter Of Time, out now. He also nabbed model Rosa Acosta to play the "drug dealer girl."
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Mike Posner’s Vlog: One Foot Out The Door (Episode #2)

In the second episode of Mike Posner's web series "One Foot Out The Door", Mike heads back to his second week at Duke University just in time to share the stage with Wale and his band after rocking a party at Emory the day before... and more.

Mike Posner’s Vlog: Back To School (Episode #1)

Here's the premier episode of Mike Posner's web series "One Foot Out The Door", where he heads back to Duke University for his Senior year, after inking a record deal. He talks about going back to college with a record deal, what his life will be post-graduation and his upcoming packed itinerary.

Producer/Artist Mike Posner Inks Deal With J Records

After a highly successful debut mixtape, titled A Matter of Time, that helped him create a buzz online, as well as college campuses, Mike Posner garnered the attention of labels across the board. This week, the Michigan native inked a deal with J Records...

Mike Posner Live on Daytona Beach

Mike Posner performs live on Daytona Beach during the Dayton 2 Daytona celebration. After Posner's set the crowd calls for an encore and Posner stage dives (after he takes his sneakers off).
Mike Posner
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Scouting Report: Mike Posner

Meet Mike Posner, a 21-year-old junior attending Duke University. Hailing from the outskirts of Detroit, the young musician has a long history of music, starting with the drums in middle school, and then graduating to beat making by his early teens.
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Mike Posner Performs Live At Duke With Big Sean

Mike Posner, with the help of G.O.O.D. Music's Big Sean, kills their performance at Duke University's Last Day of Classes (LDOC) celebration. The sound guys cut their sound because they've gone over time, so Mike continues to rock the crowd ... with no mic.